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is Laser Tattoo Removal Safe For You

Laser Tattoo removal has seen a dramatic growth in the last few years. The reasons for wanting a tattoo removed are numerous, from just wanting it removed to growing up to changing jobs. With a large number of inked people in society and with a growing number of people requesting that tattoos be removed the question that is being asked is laser tattoo removal safe?

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Before discussing if laser tattoo removal is safe for you, it is worthwhile looking at how the procedure works.

Tattoos are created using inks that contain metal particles to help them remain permanent. Laser tattoo removal finds these particles and destroys them by breaking them down into smaller particles that are subsequently released into the bloodstream. The process takes a number of treatments over a number of weeks and months. Only one colour at a time can be targetted, by the laser and full tattoo removal can take a considerable amount of time to complete.

Is laser tattoo removal safe?

There is an immediate “heads up” in the medical fraternity when it comes to how laser tattoo removal works. Because the process breaks down metals in the tattoo ink and releases them into the bloodstream doctors are sceptical to say that the treatment if totally safe. Many doctors will err to the side of caution based only on the lack of research undertaken into the effects of releasing tattoo pigments into the body.

That being said and clearly noted the practice of Laser Tattoo removal is relatively safe. There are some side effects such as changes in skin colour, texture and feel that are common, on darker skin tattoo removal is more difficult and sometimes further treatments are required.

Laser light is dangerous to the eyes and anyone having laser tattoo removal must be provided with eye protection. A certified Laser Tattoo Removal practitioner will ensure all steps for patient’s comfort and safety are taken care of.

Another thing to be aware of with laser tattoo removal is that the risk of infection around the tattoo is quite high. Furthermore, there is a risk of a complete elimination of skin pigmentation, and in the worst cases, scarring can occur.

Overall the practice of laser tattoo removal is relatively safe when undertaken by a trained technician. The equipment and lasers used have seen advances in development that has resulted in more effective and safer tattoo removal. The improved technology reduces the risks surrounding the often lengthy procedure that can take many months to complete.

Before undertaking IPL laser tattoo removal, it is recommended that medical advice be taken. Being fully aware of the potential risks and perhaps considering alternative treatment is essential and one needs to be fully aware that the long-term risks to the procedure have not yet been fully established.

The information provided here is general advice and proper medical advice is always recommended.

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